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June 10th, 2017

Green Ridge State Forest
Western Maryland

A Cinderella Story…

It all started one day in 2009 as “an idea….”

“I have an idea and I am enlisting your comments and help.  I think the club would have a hell of a time if we provided an outing/trail ride that would be designed like an old fashioned Time/Distance/Speed/Navigation Road Rally.”

And the first rally went down as a day in Bruiser infamy.  Well at least to some.  Most had a really good time.

Wharton Jersey Devil Rally

Unofficial Second Rally

Then there was the unofficial official or official unofficial second rally.  Chupacabra destroyed that one.  Or the Jersey Devil. Or the New Jersey political powers that be. You decide.

Rally Part D'oh!

Which led us many years later to the official official second rally.  Rally part D’oh!

Another day in Bruiser infamy.  Or for some, a really wet wet wet day.

Rally Ménage à trois

Then with better product placement (and television deal) and endorsement, planning (and cooperating weather), the third installment of this “idea” occurred.  Rally Ménage à trois.

Once again another day in Bruiser infamy (anyone else notice a theme here?). For some a wet raucous day.  Others a day in the woods getting lost and trying to hunt down checkpoints.

Which finally leads us to…


When: Weekend of June 10th, 2017 approximately 9:00 AM.

Where: Green Ridge State Forest, in Western Maryland.

Who: You and a navigator!  Both are mandatory prior to signing up.

What: Rally, FORE!!

Cost: $30 per vehicle.  Limited to the first 30 vehicles.

Free Camping on Friday and Saturday nights!

Hotels are available in Cumberland (30-45 min) and Hagerstown 45 to 60 min)

Question and Answer Thread Here

Event Page Here with Directions

Rally FORE!

Following along the same hijinks & shenanigans and abacus calculations of Rally 1, 2, and 3…

Grab your licensed 4×4 vehicle,  a navigator, and  put your seatbelts on for another fun time out at Green Ridge State Forest!

NOTE: This is not a race!
This is a modified Time-Speed-Distance Rally. This is not a race!

You and a navigator will attempt to complete a course covering a certain distance in a certain amount of time while driving at or below posted speed limits.

There will also be other challenges thrown in to the event to level the playing field.

Basic map, compass, and math skills are a huge plus. A keen eye for taking in the scenery is a huge plus. Knowledge of nonsensical trivia is a huge plus. A navigator is not only a huge plus, but mandatory.

A Cinderella Story…

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