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      Added a stubby and winch to Wilhelmina. Here’s what I ran into along the way and a few photos…

      Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Bumper I ordered it with d-ring tabs and Spyder armor coating. Installation was a breeze! I found that removing the old bumper was harder than installing the new one. Mostly because it is roomy to get access to nuts. Not much to say, except I love this stubby-style look and the bumper is considerably heavier (and heavier-duty) than the stock. Overall I am VERY happy with the fit, look, and strength. This bumper is bomber and looks great doing it.

      Warn Zeon 10-S Platinum Winch I opted for synthetic this time around. I know there are pros and cons… I just like the pros of synthetic. I also decided to do the Platinum version for the auto-clutch, wireless remote, extra waterproofness (whatever that means) and because I like going high-end on my winch (when I can). This is a nice low(ish) profile setup that matches very nicely with the Spyder Brawler. Install was straight forward. I needed the Spyder spacers to lift it a hair, and also used the Spyder fairlead mount. Mounting the winch was easy, but the last bolt was a little painful. The toughest part (for me) was simply installing the synthetic rope. It was a tight squeeze (to say the least) to get that mount loop through the spool and install the puck and then yank it back into place. No joke. I tensioned the rope at a local park on a slight grade and the emergency brake two-clicked. Spooled like a champ. Running the power cables was a tight fit, but easy. I ordered the accessory battery mounts from Quadratec and am VERY happy that I did. It is a fantastic setup and allows for future accessories as well. I also got a fairlead license mount, since Maryland requires a front tag.

      JW Speaker 6145J Foglights Serious Googling before taking this plunge. These foglights are pretty sweet. Because my Willys is a 2016, the connector wasn’t correct and they recommended splicing. That was the only issue I had. I opted to buy an adapter ( that keeps the stock connector. They installed easily with the stock bumper foglight mounting screws. Note, because I opted to keep the crashbar (and only trim it for the skid plate) the light housing wouldn’t fit through to the installed bumper. However, the housing comes easily apart and I put both pieces through and then reassembled it. This was simple.

      Poison Spyder Front Skid Plate I’m a skid plate fan, and looking at all those rods, swaybar, and brittle components right under/behind the bumper, I opted to protect. I have not installed this piece yet, but from what I’ve read, it will be the toughest part… hehe. At about $3,000 I would give this mod an 8.5 out of 10. It would get 10 if it hadn’t bit so deeply into my wallet.



      jeep.jpg jeep1.jpgjeep2.jpg jeep3.jpgjeep4.jpg jeep6.jpgjeep7.jpg

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      Vaughn- @vripley,

      I didn’t get a chance to talk with you about your rig last year at MudFling.


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