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    Got totaled in a rear ending by a Semi Truck, so I did manage to pull some parts.  I’ll take pics when I get a chance.  I’m in the middle of a move too.

    I have in red anodize Ellis Precision Handles (inscribed TTSE, and Hang on) Climate knobs in red dotted, Bezel ring trim in white, shift knobs in red.  Subwoofer (OEM with JL Subwoofer), 2 or 3 spdertrax spacers, 2nd battery box, battery clamp, seat spacer (to raise it up a little), and a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.  You know how much these things are, but I don’t need them anymore.  I’ll let everything go for $400.  I have a bunch of other stuff I’ll throw in, but honestly I can’t think straight right now.  Here is the catch.  You take it all…..I want it out of my garage! lol

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    Change that.  Add TRD CAI for 2008 model included $600

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    Would you happen to have the exhaust system laying around?

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    Sorry, I didn’t bother touching anything else.  Let the TTSE mats, gobi stealth, bud built skids, entire stereo system except sub, wheel spacers, Total Chaos UCA, and bud sliders go.  What a loss and I’m not even getting reimbursed by USAA.

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    That sucks. Sounds like I need to find the salvage yard it’s going to.

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    I just saw this- sorry to hear about the total loss of the FJ. I hope you’re alright. We’ll spread the word about your gear.

    What are your plans for replacing the FJ? A lot of members have gone to the 4 Runner or Tacoma.

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    Hey Eric!  I’m so bummed.  But, I like many have gone to the Taco.  I was in it before the FJ and am going back to it.  I officially pick up a 2020 TRD Pro in Army Green on in a couple days.  I don’t think much will transfer (maybe the budbuilt pumpkin skid).  We’ll see.  All I know is….I’m a bruiser for life!! lol

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