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      “The 2017, FJ Bruiser, ‘Rally FORE!’, OnRoad/OffRoad, Road Rally”

      Over the last several months, we have been very busy designing and setting up a good old fashioned TSD (Time, Speed, Distance)/Navigation Road Rally to be held at Green Ridge State Forest on Saturday, June 10.  We are an off road club and navigation is a crucial skill to develop.  Many of us have never had to navigate without a map or using a compass only; many more simply follow the vehicle in front of them on the trail and never consider where they are.  We decided this event could help sharpen those skills and give everyone practical experience in orienteering on and off road.  We have combined that concept with a need for more intimate understanding of your preferred OHV/4×4 vehicle and come up with a classic Road Rally that we think you all will remember for a long time.   If you have never rallyied before, here is how it works… We will meet at the big campground at Green Ridge, (Camping will be available at that site for Friday and Saturday nights) on Saturday morning at 9:00 am for a Check in and Pre-Race meeting.  We will then line up for the START right there and each contestant vehicle will have a Driver and Navigator along with the following REQUIRED items:


        Vehicles will be started on each of two alternating courses at timed intervals, and each vehicle will then follow their directions around the course.  Each direction will involve solving time/speed/distance calculations, or require you to use the vital facts and specifications in the rally packet to determine either your distance to travel, or compass heading to take, or require multiple calculations using your odometer and stopwatch.  Each turn will be described on the directions but require you to do some mental gymnastics to figure it out.   (There WILL be math involved!)  The course will be approximately 60 miles long and will take you through various places of the forest.  It should be a beautiful time of year, and the ridges and forests of Allegheny County offer an unusual variety of road types as well as some great scenery.  You will rise and fall over 23,000 feet as you go between 505’ and 2035’ ASL, a number of times. (Kind of like DRIVING to Camp 3 on Everest!) As you move through the course, you will find a number of “Checkpoints”, some of which will be manned by Race Officers, some of which will be simple signs.  You must stop and get the information on the back of each checkpoint to put on your “Vehicle Race Sheet” before completing the leg.   Some checkpoints will be harder to see, so you must stay alert – some may require other activities be done… so you never know what you’ll find – or where! When you reach the manned checkpoints, your elapsed time since the start will be calculated and points will be taken from you if you are too fast – or too slow.  You will also be asked questions, or given another task to perform – for points!   Everyone starts with a score of zero and you gain points as you find checkpoints, take just the right amount of time, don’t backtrack because you are lost or otherwise screw up… the one with the most points accumulated will be the winner. Once you start, every second counts.  You will finish back at the campground where we will have campfire to gather at, discuss the day, tell some lies, and have a beer or other adult beverage.  Once the Race Committee has calculated the winners, trophies will be awarded immediately.  The first three highest scores will receive trophies. (There will also be a somewhat less coveted award to the LAST place vehicle!)  This event will take most of the day on Saturday. We are limiting this rally to the first 30 vehicles that sign up.  We will keep a list of alternate or late registrations but make no promises.  We expect a lot of interest in this event, but can accommodate a limited number of vehicles, so please do not sign up if there is a chance you won’t be able to come.
        We also suggest you familiarize yourselves with your hand held compass skills as well.  Know how to take a heading, how to find a bearing and be sure it is set for about 7 degrees of variation from true north.  You might also check to see what impact your truck has on the handheld – you may need to move 20 feet or more from the vehicle to get an accurate reading.  There is no reason kids or pets can’t be brought along.  Just remember they can be a distraction, and both Driver and Navigator are going to need to have their heads in the game just to keep from getting lost!
        Rallies are typically not family events, but we are a family club; so it’s your call.  One of the beauties of this event is that we have designed it so that the winners can feel accomplished, but the course can be run just for laughs and a good time too.  Those of you who know your way around a map and compass will have plenty to challenge you; those of you who simply want a nice day in the woods will not be disappointed either.  We can’t emphasize enough the importance of the Navigators in this event.  We don’t care if you are the most precise driver in the world; if you are driving down the wrong road, you are going to lose!  Navigators typically have to keep the Race Sheet filled with info at Checkpoints, make the decisions at turns, and calculate the right answers to the directions.  They may have other tasks to perform as well, so be nice to your Navigator!  Before someone asks, a child CAN be Navigator – if you think they have the skills…
        This is going to be fun.
        There is a $30 “Entry Fee” per vehicle, you can Register Here.  Now go mark it on your calendars and find the registration link  and get registered… unless you… are… just …
        chicken …

      Remember- This is not a race. All local motor vehicle laws and regulations must be followed. This is not a race.


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