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      I wasn't sure how this all went together and I didn't find anything in my vast google/blue room/bruiser searches.  So, here is my brief technical write up.The disassembly of the front end when putting on the Demello bumper (Rally bumper in my case) on requires that you clear everything below the headlight, which includes the lower support bracket.  If you follow the bracket to the right, you'll see that little square slot....that what you need to retain in order to have a linkage to the headlight.  Like this photo here:IMG_20160824_170241404_HDR_zpsxcddiviv.jpgYou have to have some kind of support on the lower side of the headlight or you'll shake like crazy when you hit a pebble.  So, after some thought....I measured and saw that I could still use the OEM brackets with a little modification.  Unbolt the two pieces and only retain the section with that square hole like this.IMG_20160824_170327201_zpscfth2lob.jpgTake apart the two pieces because you only need the single extension where the lower headlight tab goes into.  It's still too long at this point to use, so you have to use a grinder to cut it off just past the cross bar.IMG_20160824_170258098_zpsghdzf7kx.jpgBolt everything back on and now you have your lower bracket holding the headlight in place and the bumper fits nicely without any contact.  The photo below is of the driver side, but you get the idea.  The headlight has a built in square plastic peg that goes in the bracket, so you don't really see it here...just the round black shape.IMG_20160824_171239524_zpszkju8znp.jpg

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