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      I’m think I need to get out to GRSF for a day and blow the stink of the city off of me… just a day of running around the Green Ridge should do it.

      A mental hygene day.

      If anyone else is interested let me know. I’m planning on being out there by 8:30 or 9 AM.

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      Papa Dragon

      Bummer, just reading this now.

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      It was pretty much a last minute thing.

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      Wow- what a beautiful day to run around the Green Ridge. No people. 2 cars and 2 campers in the whole place. No bugs. Excellent conditions. Crisp, clear, and a perfect day. PA through MD and all the way down to Paw Paw, WV. Exceptional.

      Left Fairfax about 7:15 around the beltway and up I270- I70 West to I68 to exit 68, Little Orleans road south.  Ran down to Bills Place and the canal and then headed down Carroll Road to the Kasecamp loop, Bonds Landing, back up Town Hill ton Mertens to Banner Overlook. Mertens on up to Twigg Road all the way to Jacobs. Twigg is a little challenging but very enjoyable. Jacobs to Mertens to Wallizer. Black Sulphur out to Old Williams. On to US 40 North East up past the Gun Range to the Town Mountain overlook for lunch. Tower Road to Mountain and then Cat Point to MV Smith. A quick stop at the Ranger Station and then on to 68 west to exit 62 at the bad boys school. 15 mile creek south to Green Ridge all the way through the GRSF south to State Road 51 south east into Paw Paw, WV. Then ran 9 east to Martinsburg, 11 south to Winchester and hit Virginia Route 7 east to Leesburg, Dulles Greenway home. Got back about 7:30.

      303 miles. A day well spent anccertainly satisfied the goal as far as I’m concerned.

      GRSF Map attached.

      Next run I want to do this spring is over towards Canaan Valley WV. Davis and Thomas Loop and wind up on the road past the coke ovens in Thomas that goes behind Blackwater falls and comes out by the firetower.

      Sometime this year I’d like to revist the Flight 93 Memorial in Somerset County, Pennsylvania off of US Route 30. This is an exceptional place.


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