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    Gobi Stealth Roof Rack


    Sold my FJ cruiser. I saved the roof rack. Rack DOES have rust on it. I cut out some sections where I planned to replace the metal. I have too many projects going on so figured I’d sell. Rack is a Gobi Stealth Roof rack. Orginally cost $1495. No ladder included. Just the way it is in pics.

    Rack is definitely salvageable if you know how to weld. I’m on the East Coast By Washington DC…Virginia. Sold as is $350

    Don’t ask me for more pics etc…don’t have time. It has rust and needs work, but like I said salvageable. The wire mess is in pretty good condition as is a lot of the rack itself. I have 5 of the mounts for the actual roof. Gobi would probably sell you any missing pieces. Call me 703.587.3330 ask for Patrick

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    Not letting me upload pictures!

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       FJ Bruiser 

      The last update did something to the image upload – security related. I’m working on it. If you’d like, email me the photo and I’ll post it for you in the meantime.


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     FJ Bruiser 






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    The hole in the one pic is SUPPOSED to be there…..they are for drainage! Rack is actually in solid condition!

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