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      Papa Dragon

      Sad news, killed the FJ….. Made the mistake of driving through a mud hole that a few months before had only been a foot deep. Water and mud throughout the fuel system, thought out the FJ’s interior etc,etc,etc…

      We made the BIG mistake of leaving the group and trying to get to the nearest town, we didn’t make it. So here we are, me and my daughter sitting in a dead FJ miles from anywhere, so I turned to Lilly and said “We’er going to need a miracle to get out of this”, she made the wise suggestion that we should pray, so we did. Long story short along comes a Jeep driver by the name of Mo and his girl friend to our rescue. Turns out that Mo’s about as close to a “MacGyver” and a super nice guy that Ive ever had the privilege to meet. Mo drove us to the nearest Auto part store, there he bought an extra battery and a bunch of cables, clamps etc and rigid a set up where we would change a battery on the passenger seat of his Jeep as we drive along. So for the next 124+ miles we kept switching battery’s until we got to Koon’s Toyota and at just as we pulled in, right at dark the FJ died and costed into a parking spot.

      Turns out that if we were willing to pay to have the full tank pulled and flushed, new starter, fuel pump and a host of other things craped out by the mud the FJ would be drivable, but not so reliable. My guess that the electrical system would start giving me trouble along with who knows what else. Talking to the mechanic he said it was a miracle we made it as far as we did with, he showed me pic’s he taken of the brown gas they had pulled out of the fuel tank.

      As we were thinking the whole thing over Koon’s called us and asked if we would sell the FJ, so for less then it would have cost to repair the FJ we now have a TRD 4 door Tacoma with all the candy. Shed a tear as we pulled of as much off the FJ as they would allow, but in the end we have a vehicle thats more useable for our life style.

      Just had a text for the salesman, its turning out to be much more costly to fix up the FJ then they had anticipated, glad I didn’t sell it privately.

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      Wow, sorry to hear about the FJ, but it sounds like things may be working out for the best with the deal on the new Tacoma.

      Just how deep was this puddle to contaminate the fuel system?  That system should be fairly well sealed off.

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      Papa Dragon

      The mud in the fuel system surprised me. One side was MUCH deeper then the other and the deep side was where the fuel tank is. That and I had to fight my way out so there was a lot of back and forth that added to the mess.

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      Sorrry to hear about all of this Roland- on the upside – an new truck!

      Lets see a couple photos!

      Next month there is a rally you can enter your new rig in. Bring that thing on out to an event!

      I’m sure a bunch of us would like to take a look at that rig.

      Rally Fore

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      She will be missed Roland. I loved your TT. Congrats on the Taco!



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      FJ Guy

      Roland, Sorry to hear about your FJ, glad you and Lilly are okay. Won’t she have an adventure story to remember and share about the day she and Dad got stuck deep in the woods.

      I still expect to see you at some events to show off your new Taco and get it muddy with us.

      Take care.

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