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      A few weeks ago my CV axles started clicking when reversing at full lock after 141k trouble-free miles.  With the high cost of factory new axles, I decided to replace with NAPA Maxdrive aftermarket rebuilds that were a fraction of the cost.

      After installing the new axles, I noticed that at full steering lock with some suspension droop one side would bind and click once again.  When taking a closer look at the axles on each side, I noticed that the two different axles had some subtle yet significant differences that are likely the result of having a rebuild aftermarket axle vs a rebuilt factory axle assembly.  Fortunately I was able to warranty exchange the defective axle for another factory-style axle that was in stock.  Now that both sides are running the factory style axles, the issue has gone away and I have full articulation again.

      Here are a few photos of the original Toyota axle that I am rebuilding showing the features to look for when choosing a rebuilt CV axle.Inner CV Joint:IMG_20160327_093352_zpsn1cmv0f7.jpg

      The two features to look for on the inner CV joint are the chamfered or rounded end of the housing (right arrow) and coloration from heat treating (left arrow).

      The aftermarket axle had a squared off housing and no heat treating discoloration. Axle Shaft:IMG_20160327_093420_zpsdorgices.jpg

      The factory shaft tapers between where the central boot clamps to the shaft.  The aftermarket axle had a larger constant cross-section without any tapering. Outer Birfield JointIMG_20160327_093446_zpsxiybm6mt.jpg

      The two differences I noticed were that the factory components showed coloration from heat treating (left arrow) and a good sized chamfer on the outer edge of the threads.  The aftermarket part did not have the heat treating coloration and was more squared off on the outside of the threads.  The axle hub nut was also very difficult to thread onto the aftermarket axle whereas it could easily be threaded all the way on by hand on the factory part.

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      Now you have me inspecting everything with threads on it before I install it.

      It took me a long time to break myself of that habit and now I’m doing it again.

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      Some things just cant be unlearned 🙂

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