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      Gone Walkabout

      I know this is a free marketplace, but lets abide by some simple rules.

      1. If you have something to sell please be a vetted forum member. (In short don’t sell anything in your first post — NO TROLLING). If your sign in name indicates something you are selling the administrators reserve the right to reject the account.
      2. If something is is sold please edit the first post stating so, by changing the topic to start with “CLOSED:” — Thank you.
      3. If you are looking for a part, please start your topic title with “WTB:
      4. Caveat emptor — (Let the Buyer Beware) Don’t expect us to jump up every time there is a conflict. Remember this is a discussion forum not Wal-Mart or the Better Business Bureau. We can help mediate if there is a genuine gripe, but to start please work it out among yourselves.
      5. Caveat Veidntor — (Let the seller Beware) We stick up for our own here. If you are found to be abusing the general spirit of this section please consider this your warning. We will suspend ANYONE abusing, taking for granted, or down right cheating one of our own.
      6. This is not eBay. If you have something and two or more interested in purchasing please sell it to the first (or more appropriate) member and move on. Please give the first member ample time to respond. When posting an item listed on eBay that it not yours, please monitor the thread and kindly delete the link when the auction ends.
      7. Do not hijack someone else’s for sale thread with items you have for sale.
      8. Do not criticise prices. A person has the right to offer an item for sale at what ever price they desire. A polite PM to a person is a more appropriate course of action if you have an interest in the item.
      9. Situations change, so if something is pulled by the seller. He has the right to.
      10. If the seller or buyer violates any rules the posting may be deleted without warning.

      1. For now let’s keep group buys under the control of the Moderators or the Sponsorship & Merchandising Director, Josh (FJ Opus). If you would like to establish a group buy contact one of us before posting (Putting “feeler” in the title does not circumvent this rule).
      2. Keep group buys with reputable businesses and Bruiser Friendly vendors. If a Bruiser is capable of the group buy or service please PM them before going outside the club.
      3. OK, This is where we have the most complaints….Prices should be stated in the first post along with any discounts or savings over retail and further discounts for more participants. It is understandable if a large vendor does not want prices published to the public. If this is the case please say so, if not POST THE PRICE!! Please have a hard date deadline or number of participants stated in the first post as well.
      4. Please use “Group Buy” in the title (eg, GROUP BUY — Toyota Cyclone Pre-Cleaner)
      5. In some circumstances It may be acceptable to have a group price and a further discount for Bruisers. If you are not a Bruiser and want this further discount please sign up and have your dues in before the group Buy deadline.
      6. Any posts with links to group buys on other forums are not endorsed by the moderators of the Bruisers. In turn please don’t post on other sites our group buys.
      7. Please have the post locked after the Group Buy is completed and link to a “General Discussion” topic about the item.
      8. Any member that gets a “kickback” from a Bruiser group buy (or donation) must PM the Chairman or VC once known or delivered.

      Thank you,

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