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      Just an FYI if any of our members need assistance with this.  My recent addition of the Demello bumper was awesome, but I failed to bend my A/C enough to clear the bumper.  After a few months, it wore a small pin size hole in the a/c line (the silver line going across the front of the radiator).I purchased a new line online ($125) and have to say it was very easy to replace.  There is a plastic coupling that attaches two sections of the a/c line together (passenger side just to the right of the power steering reservoir).  I ended up using a paper clip and inserted both ends into two really small holes right next to each other and it unsnapped the cover.  I'll snap pictures, but long story short....I just need to take it to a garage and get it recharged properly.  I'm also happy to help anyone if they come across this situation.

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